Clare Ling Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and Reflexology
for Penzance and surrounds in West Cornwall

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. buddhabowl

Food as a dynamic medicine

I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) London (2011) with a diploma to practice naturopathic nutritional therapy (CNM dip NT). This is a holistic approach that means taking you into account as a whole person.

My practice is based at my home in central Penzance. If needed I will travel in Penzance and surrounds within West Cornwall. Gift vouchers are available.

Wholefoods and culinary herbs and spices, as medicine, feature at the heart of my practice and supplementation is recommended where appropriate together with recognition for emotional factors with exercise and lifestyle recommendations where appropriate.

I practice in support of your health, well being and optimum nutrition from where you are now at a pace that is manageable for you.

Nutrition is a dynamic medicine where foods are prescribed for particular needs due to their specific actions within the body; beneficial for everyone wishing to maintain, retrieve or improve health.

Appropriate nutrition with a naturopathic approach may have a profound and positive effect upon pathways to disease and existing health conditions including digestive disorders, cardio vascular conditions, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, auto immune conditions, skin conditions, stress, adrenal fatigue or exhaustion, thyroid disruption, menopause, regular mood fluctuation, hormonal disruption, insomnia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other. We can also work together in interests regarding age, life stages, energy, lifestyle and self image, weight gain and weight loss, achieving and maintaining healthy eating and sense of vitality.

A first consultation is a comprehensive information gathering exercise for you to describe immediate health concerns and interests together with information gathering in respect of whole body systems and function from history to current day including an insight into current nutrition, exercise, emotional health and lifestyle, existing conditions, symptoms and health concerns. In our consultation we will seek out causatives, as they appear, as well as providing support to all related body systems under stress and responding to relevant insights.

Follow up appointments provide supportive review of progress and modification of advice in response to your experience so that advice becomes ever more unique and effective for you.

From our initial consultation I create a naturopathic nutritional treatment plan for you and offer reviews as you progress and I remain available for queries in between appointments.


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